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Electronic lock has revolutionized how we secure our homes and businesses. For centuries, our keys have been a logical teammate of this lock. But over those centuries, something unsavory has occurred. Think about it: how many keys have been floating around in the world, with access to your lock? The answer is likely a lot more than you wish. Unless you regularly change your locks (and few people do this), your home or company at risk if you don’t use electronic locks.

With electronic locks, it’s not a key that gains you access to the other side of a doorway. If you run a business, you’re ready to assign each worker their own code. Why is this so important? Because you’ll be able to keep track of who enters and leaves your location.

Knowing this type of data is collected will decrease the chance of one of your employees breaking in off-hours. However, it’ll also help pinpoint how someone did break into your business, if that were to ever happen. Furthermore, should you suffer a break-in, you would not need to change the locks or recoup all the keys you have handed out over the years. You’d simply have to reassign PINs to each worker.

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For those who have a contractor, or someone who needs access to your company for a temporary period of time, you no longer need to worry about making your business more vulnerable by making additional copies of keys. With the world becoming increasingly more connected, electronic locks have gone above and beyond the call of duty concerning security. Modern models of electronic locks will actually wireless speak with your security system, lighting, or other devices. What this indicates is, if your door is opened, you can program it so that your lighting turns on, thus potentially scaring a prospective thief away.

By eliminating keys from the door-lock process, you improve your safety and protection. Someone who”loses” a PIN code is much easier to handle than somebody who”loses” a key. For those who have a worker who loses a key, you now have one of two choices: take your chances and don’t change your locks, or, spend the money (and hassle) to change the locks and everybody else’s key. If a PIN code is lost, there is no need to worry. Simply reassign a new code to that 1 individual and carry on your day. Nothing could be easier than that.

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Your choice for digital locks is almost endless. However, certain factors should be considered when buying an electronic lock. How much traffic do you see throughout the day? Which type of commercial door do you have? Though this can be a lot to handle, working with a specialist can make the process go much smoother. Amazing Doors and Hardware specializes in all types of electronic and conventional locks. Let us help you find your very best security options.

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