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This technique would assist someone. Who has ran their car out of gas as well as drained the battery in the process. This would suit two people or more. I am afraid it would be very difficult if you got stranded alone, unless a good Samaritan helped you out, just ask, there are actually some good people in this world. To make this work You gotta have someone pushing the car.

Firstly check to see how much power is left, turn the key and check the ignition lights. If you get even a dim red light showing from the ignition lights then all is not doom. Push To Start. Firstly go and get you some gas, once you have filled the car with petrol, you will need to choose between who ever and decide who will drive and who will push the car.

Make A Choice

Make the best choice, as kick starting a car involves a few things one must do simultaneously. OK once you have chosen who will do what, then look at the terrain your in. And ask yourself, which is the easiest or least resistance for us to Push To Start? if there is any sign of a slight hill either way, then use it. If not and you are on a flat, then you will need to get up to a certain speed before the car will turn over.

The one in the drivers seat should do these steps:

Get in the car, make sure car is in neutral, turn the ignition on. As long as there is a dim red light that should be enough to turn it over. Now put your foot hard down on the clutch. Put the car into second gear (with the clutch down) and hold that position. Hopefully whoever is pushing the car has done a good job and your at a decent speed to kick the car over. When the driver senses that they are at the right speed. Then slowly start releasing the clutch, you will feel the engine turning over, once it has started quickly put the car back into neutral and let it idol.

Let Car Idol

Give it two good revs to pump the petrol through. Let it sit and idol for a few minutes to get up a good charge in the battery before driving. It is advisable not to turn your engine off for any reason at this stage. As it needs at least a good 1/2 hour to 1 hour to fully charge your battery back to full power again. If you only have enough gas to get home then GET HOME! driving time will be enough to turn the engine again, but taking it for a long drive at some time in the future will fully charge that battery.

Here is a comprehensive list of what to check for should your car fail to start. It is a basic over view of for anyone to do a pre-check on their car, you don’t have to be a mechanic. Just knowing the fundamentals of where to check can be a life saver in times of need.

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