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November 2019

Warehouse Locks

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The Commercial lock repair and maintenance experts at Auto Locksmith San Jose regularly perform our expert providers for warehouse operations, and in that process, cope with many of the most popular (and even vague ) warehouse locks in the business. In this brief blog post, we will go into a little bit of detail regarding

Lock Replacement After House Key Misplacement

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Losing your house keys within an innocent mistake but can have Extreme consequences. If your key is proving to be impossible to regain, you're going to have to replace your locks or at least rekey them in order to keep the Security Locksmith of your house and property. Here's a guide to the questions that

Guide to Rim Locks

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Many older homes or apartments utilize Rim Locks guards, as they were implemented widely in the early 20th century. Rim describes the way its installation -- on the bottom of the doorway -- and they generally use sliding latches or deadlocks that have retracted with stress, and prolonged while the pressure is released. Rim locks

Security Risks with Smart Homes You May Not Have Considered

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Smart Homes will be the wave of the future. As technology continues to evolve at lightning speed, a growing number of parts of your home will be linked. Although this blanket of technologies can be quite convenient, and sometimes can enhance your overall home security, there are particular security risks that have connecting your house

Do You Need to Switch Locks Between Tenants in a Rental Property?

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In San Jose, locks on rental properties are regulated by the San Jose Property Code. A renter cannot waive the right to the security devices and procedures recorded in the code, regardless of what language is at the rental. Here's exactly what you ought to know. Required Security Devices Every rental unit in San Jose

Common Lock Types Used in Homes

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Humans are locking up our homes for approximately as long as we’ve been assembling them. In today's world, cultured burglars make it essential to continuously ramp up house Security Locksmith, but fundamental door locks remain the cornerstone for safeguarding our houses. Nevertheless not all of Key Locks are right for all purposes. Here is a

Different Types of Keys

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Keys have come a long way in terms of technology and development since their oldest invention and use. The keys we use now do not look anything like those utilized 6,000 decades back in ancient Babylon and Egypt. There are many distinct types of keys in use now. Car Keys Transponder Key. This is also

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