Many older homes or apartments utilize Rim Locks guards, as they were implemented widely in the early 20th century. Rim describes the way its installation — on the bottom of the doorway — and they generally use sliding latches or deadlocks that have retracted with stress, and prolonged while the pressure is released. Rim locks that use sliding latches have knobs and handles, whilst Deadbolt locks are used using keys. Rim locks permit for key operation of the lock on both sides of the keyway. They are available in rim latch or rim sash variations, where latches are used to hold rim latches and deadbolts/latches are utilized to work rim sash locks. They are often used on interior doors, since they don’t possess strong enough security for Exterior doors which are better suited to high Security Locksmith deadbolts. Here’s a guide to Rim Lock from the residential safety and Commercial security specialists at Auto Locksmith San Jose.

Rim Lock Anatomy

Rim Lock Bodies

Rim locks used to be made of cast iron but are more commonly found these days in nickel and brass. The lock body homes the spring loaded latch and the deadbolt if it is a rim latch lock. Rim locks are made to operate on either left or right hand doors, and they’re not always used with a key. Their sprinted latch can be controlled with a knob or handle, and when there’s a deadbolt, it’s held with a lever that rises to latch onto a part of the deadbolt. The bolt could be retracted while the lever is lowered via the insertion of a key.

Rim Lock Keeper

The keeper holds the latch and deadbolt lock in place, and they are often found made of cast iron. Modern rim locks are made of better more long lasting material. Think of the keeper as a rim lock version of a door strike and strike plate, as it’s attached right on the door jamb.

Escutcheon Plate

These plates are usually attached to provide additional Protection in addition to aesthetic appeal. It’s a classic design style that protects the doorknob and makes an outline over the keyway.


Some bolt locks have privacy latches that allow rim locks to when the Privacy latch is activated; the door cannot be opened from the other hand using a key. This is a safety hazard in emergency situations, thus we don’t suggest implementing one.

Potential Rim Lock Screen

Rim locks do not offer the best security. Only lock within your home, we recommend Locksmith San Jose for getting a Lock replacement with a high grade security deadbolt. These are some of the Potential security defects associated with rim locks:

The entire body of rim guards is exposed, and they can easily be bypassed with the guidance of a simple screwdriver. This makes rim locks an inappropriate option for exterior doors.

Rim locks can be quickly bested by blunt force attacks like ramming and kicking.

Warded rim lock can be immediately opened with a skeleton key, which can be a tool that’s commonly and easily available to burglars.

Bear in Mind, if you are put on the classic appeal of your rim Lock, you can defeat its security flaws by using it together with a protected Principal Security lock, like a high grade security deadbolt. Call us Now!

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