Losing your house keys within an innocent mistake but can have Extreme consequences. If your key is proving to be impossible to regain. You’re going to have to replace your locks or at least rekey them in order to keep the Security Locksmith of your house and property. Here’s a guide to the questions that you need to be asking yourself regarding post-lost-house Key lock replacement, as prepared by the home lockout experts at Auto Locksmith San Jose.

How Did I Lose My Keys?

If you can recall Locksmith San Jose how you lost your keys. It will make a Difference as to whether you need to replace your locks. If you are unsure of where your keys are. If they were stolen, or if you abandon them someplace, then we recommend lock replacement especially if the keys were dropped in the neighborhood of your property. Or when they had anything linking them to your identity or address to them. But if you dropped your keys down a sewer grade accidentally. The odds of anyone retrieving them and using them on your house is incredibly minimal. Which means you might decide changing locks isn’t an essential course of action.

Did I Lose My Master Key?

In case your lost home key is a master key you need to substitute your lock. Master keys can open numerous locks, and when they’re lost, your entire security infrastructure is risked. In this situation you need to rekey all your locks have them replaced.

What Is My Budget?

The amount of money you are willing to spend will dictate whether your locks should be altered. Lock changes and Lock rekeying have variable costs. But if you have a budget, then lock replacement is more of a thoroughly conservative safety recovery step. Should you need to have your locks updated anyway. It is a good idea to simply replace them rather than rekeying. But if you’re content with your locks, and just want to deal with a missing house key, rekeying your locks are a wonderful option.

Did I Lose My Spare Key?

Spare keys are really important and will come in handy if you are locked out of your house. A misplaced spare key shouldn’t be worried about particularly if they have zero info on them linking them for your identity or address, but if you’re worried about security, or when the spare keys were stolen, then we advocate rekeying any locks which were paired with the spare key.

What Type of Locks Do I Have?

If You’ve Got low grade security locks, replacing them is a Fantastic idea anyway. But in the event that you currently have high grade safety locks in place, we urge merely rekeying them and adding additional security measures rather than totally replacing them — unless you have a large budget that may accommodate this, and you are considering replacing the locks using a lock of equal or increased Security levels.

Have I Lost My House Keys Before?

The more house keys you lose, the greater the chances of them being used to get a burglary are. This risk grows exponentially with each key lost. Therefore, if you have lost multiple house keys, it is absolutely essential for one to rekey every one your locks and we recommend changing your locks to those who have keyless entry choices, which will mitigate the chances of lost house Keys being an issue for you in the future.

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