A Fresh study of Offense in San Jose from the FBI has shown that there’s a crime statistics speed of 472 episodes against each 100,000 residents. This includes around 10,222 robberies, 134,419 property offenses, 98,686 larcenies/thefts, 11,732 motor car thefts, and last — but not least — 24,001 burglaries. These are a few Serious and Sobering Figures. Auto Locksmith San Jose takes these statistics very badly, which explains precisely why we prioritize the setup of multiple layers of both active and passive security in order to help safeguard your San Jose homes, businesses, home, family, and belongings. Here’s a guide to how summer burglaries pose a major risk to your San Jose residential and/or Business properties, and also the best way to ensure that your property is protected by Protected Locksmith.

Why is Summer the Season for Burglaries?

The FBI estimates that crime statistics rates increase about 100 percent in June through August. This could be attributed to taxpayer’s overall eagerness for holiday causing a laxness in House security. This may also be a consequence of teenagers being out on the road from school. The summer increases of crime statistics happen to be correlated with large gatherings of people in warmer months. A study by theorist John Sinister connected crime and hot temperatures globally, not only in America!!

Summer Home Security Protection

It’s necessary to hire a professional Residential Security expert like those at Locksmith San Jose to ensure the protection of your property. Here are a few important tips for summer related occurrences:

When gearing up for a vacation:

Always tell a nearby Trusted Locksmith neighbor your travel plans, and ask them to keep an eye on your property.

Don’t publically tell people you’re away – and especially during what dates you will be away.

Make sure that all windows and doors are strongly and Securely Locked before leaving on vacation.

Make sure that you leave some lighting / a TV / a radio a Timer to make it look like someone is home. Place deliveries on pause, or request the local neighbors to pick up newspapers and packages for you.

For Yards:

Make sure that all tools — and especially climbable Equipment such as ladders — are put away after use. Ladders may be used to create criminal entrance through receptive second floor windows super easy, and tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, or hammers are readily used for fracture inches.

Make sure your front door is always locked, even when you’re working in the yard – make sure your garage door is closed too.

Consider installing motion sensitive lighting in your front Yard that will brightly illuminate the entranceways into your house when someone comes close to the sensor at night — that functions as a great deterrent against attempted burglary.


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