The Commercial lock repair and maintenance experts at Auto Locksmith San Jose regularly perform our expert providers for warehouse operations, and in that process, cope with many of the most popular (and even vague ) warehouse locks in the business. In this brief blog post, we will go into a little bit of detail regarding the different types of Warehouse locks that are implemented for Security Locksmith.


These range based on cost, make, and model, however they’re often utilized in warehouse configurations. You want to make sure that no matter what type of padlock you use, that it is secured to a solid series or hasp. In case your padlock is more powerful than the aspect it’s being procured to, the lock will just be overlooked by thieves who will choose to attack the weak chain or hasp. You require a number of layers of security, so the padlock has both a solid shackle and lock body in addition to being attached to a strong hasp and/or chain. The padlock is best used as a part of Perimeter security.

Door Handles

Locking door handles or knobs frequently utilize spring loaded Latches which can be defeated by feeler gauges and other lock brake methods, and are often used as inner solitude rather than security. Ensure your door handles are functioning properly however, as even in the event that you don’t expect them to supply Extreme safety, the multiple (even light) laters of safety will help get you time and dissuade potential burglars who are cautious of taking time and raising their chances of being detected or caught.


These will be the number one type of lock for warehouse security — and of course, the true degree of Safety Locksmith is going to be decided by just how much force each deadbolt can take. All exterior warehouse doorways should be matched with deadbolts, and when there are any inner doors that will need to be protected, they need deadbolts too. Not merely are deadbolts a safety must, but they need to be paired with powerful doors that may match the degree of security that they supply.

Quick Warehouse Security Tips

Do not spend a lot of time focusing on active safety Aspects like safety guards or cameras and dismiss the Passive safety facet of warehouse locks.

You need Locksmith San Jose a widely fruitful and varieties mix of both Passive and active warehouse safety.

Be sure all the locks that you deploy are internally complex, Patent secure, and strong.

Focus on deadbolts Instead of the other Kinds of warehouse locks.

Each lock ought to be paired with all the most likely type of Threat that they will logically confront.

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