Deadbolt locks are an absolute essential tool for maintaining a Secure and Safe home, office, store. Or any sort of building, lockbox, or place you would like to stay safe. There are many diverse types of deadbolt locks on the market though. Which makes it can be quite confusing understanding which to buy as replacement for an existing deadbolt. Obviously, anyone would want to make sure that they purchase the deadbolt lock that is best suited to their requirements. In this blog entry, the expert Lock replacement staff at Auto Locksmith San Jose will go into detail regarding the essential questions which you need to ask your specialist locksmith before replacing your deadbolt lock.

Why do I need to replace my deadbolt lock?

There are a couple reasons people replace their deadbolt locks. In case the Locksmith San Jose is broken or malfunctioning to the extent that it cannot be repaired, or will likely keep breaking because of poor construction, it is a good idea to totally replace it. Another reason for deadbolt lock updates is Security updates, increasing the degree of security in a present property. The last reason for replacing deadbolt locks is straightforward aesthetics, wanting to change your lock with one which suits your own tastes.

What type of door are You working with?

When it’s a glass or semi glass door, then you will need a Double cylinder deadlock in order to attain Powerful security. If you’ve got a hollow core door, there is little point since the door is so inherently insecure. In this case, we urge you to replace the door as well.

Are you adding an Additional lock to the door?

It is important to comprehend the factor aspects of whatever door you are working with, as many doors don’t have pre drilled cross bored holes for deadbolt mounting — such as the previously mentioned poor hollow core doors. If you’re adding deadbolts into a door and cutting holes in the door in the procedure — that weakens the door make certain that you remember to have metal slipcovers and heavy locks set up to compensate for the missing facets of this doorway with strong metal.

Perhaps you have taken door Dimensions?

If you are changing the type of deadbolt lock which you are using, you have to be aware of the dimensions of the pre drilled holes in the doorway, the width of the door, and the length of this cross bored hole.

Are you currently installing Additional security updates?

When installing a new deadbolt lock we recommend adding Additional protective hardware like hit plates or extended screws that reach directly into the door jamb. Plastic strike screws are a large no, therefore we recommend replacing them with metal ones.

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