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Beware of locksmith companies scams in your area!

If a locksmith company is quoting low “starting at” pricing for replacement car keys and other automotive related locksmith services. You know the saying “If the price is too good to be true-it usually is”.

We understand when you’re in an emergency situation you do not have the knowledge on some of these scamming tactics that some locksmith companies use when you’re in a urgent and vulnerable situation. Auto Locksmith San Jose is an honest and local locksmith so we feel it is our duty to share with our local neighbors these tactics so we can keep our community safe!

Shop Local- Keep San Jose Safe!

Clues on how you can spot a locksmith scam:

1. Make sure the locksmith company is REALLY Local!

Be sure your dialing a local number not and not toll free. Ask for their address and verify it’s a real brick and mortar locksmith company. Locksmith scammer companies are usually NOT local, they do not have a brick and mortar store so if you were ever to need help with work you’ve had done your most likely not going to get any face to face help. Part of their scam is taking your information from a call center not even located in your state then after they get your information, they send you a locksmith that’s up to 40miles away from you whom is usually not licensed, bonded or insured.

2. Know WHO is coming to you!

It’s dangerous to trust just anyone with your security matters. Since your not personally able to background check your locksmith before hiring them ask the company for your locksmith technicians name and locksmith license information. If they can’t deliver-this is a red flag that they are not local and whoever they are sending to you will try to scam you.

Check ID and Licensing before and after they arrive to you, this ensures your safety and security. The state of California requires all locksmiths to be licensed. Make sure the ID and locksmith license match-the last thing you need is someone with your key code information to commit crimes with your vehicle information.

3. LOW RATE “Starting” Pricing is a MAJOR RED FLAG!

If you call a locksmith company for a quote, you should be given a close representation of what you will pay. You should be weary of the locksmith companies’ scams quoting extremely low or low “starting at” pricing. When the locksmith shows up to your location, they demand triple that of the “starting” quote cost that you were told over the phone. This is an old bait and switch scam used to waste your time and pressure you to doing the service once they are already in front of you. The other part of the scam is that they charge a payment for showing up regardless of whether you have them do the work or not. After they quote you the real cost, if you are not able to pay for the service you still have to waste $15-$25 for them driving out to you. Hiring locksmith companies with ‘too good to be true’ pricing always costs you more time and money in the end.

4. Ask for; Flat Rate, Price Range and Additional Pricing:

A locksmith that is not a scammer should give you a range price or flat rate. You should know an accurate gauge before the technician comes to your location. Demand a range or look elsewhere. This goes back to the bait and switch scam most scamming locksmiths use. They will expect you to ask more information on what additional costs may incur. Regardless they will make sure to try to charge you extra and they will refer you to their pricing quota which is all “starting at” fees. You waste valuable time and hard-earned money by giving into their scam. Think the customer is always right? Not in their eyes. If you don’t pay the cost, they ask they do not do the service, they will never do the service for the starting price no matter how much you beg. The starting price is not real- its just part of the scam.

5. REPUTATION Says it all!

If your locksmith has ticked all the boxes on your list just be sure to ask for sources where you can read reviews on the quality of their work. You want to make sure your hiring someone that uses quality parts, and doesn’t do shoddy workmanship. Yelp and Google Reviews are the most reliable sources to read up on what real customers have to say.

At Auto Locksmith San Jose our technician is able to give you a price over the phone we give an accurate representation of what you will pay when the technician is on site. We pride ourselves on being an honest locksmith company. There’s no obligation to get a quote. Best, we do not scam into charging more than we quote over the phone and all calls are recorded so you be rest assured you are protected with a hassle-free ethical locksmith service in your time of need.

At Auto Locksmith San Jose we appreciate your business and we strive to keep our pricing affordable and fair which is why we want to inform you before you make your automotive locksmith choice. Choose Local, Be Smart, and Stay Safe San Jose.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Auto Locksmith San Jose


Service Call Fee (Within San Jose: $20)

Service Call Fee (Outside San Jose: Fee may vary upon distance)

Car Lockout Service- Minimum $90

Trunk Lockout- Minimum $90 (If no/non functioning trunk release: Add additional car key cost)

Car Key Replacement (WITH transponder chip)- Starts at $180

Car Key Replacement (NO transponder chip)- $140-$180

Car Key Duplication (replica of current functioning key)- Starts at $99

Laser Car Key Cutting $99

FOB Key Programming $89

Car Key Programming $89

Automotive Key Extraction: Minimum $90 non refundable

Smart Key Programming- Starting $145 and up (varies by vehicle)

Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal + Diagnose- $115 (Labor + Part cost is additional and quoted at time of diagnosis based on specific need)

Battery Jump Start Service $139

Starting price disclaimer: Every job has their own unique needs and it depends on different factors which may affect labor or part cost. Final price is given at time of service when the technician has fully evaluated your vehicle’s needs.

Note Part Disclaimer: We use and stock only OEM original parts. OEM parts are highly recommended due to that it is manufacture original and will not cause any damage to your vehicle and OEM parts will last unlike aftermarket parts. We will only guarantee and warranty our work when we supply the parts. If you bring your own parts, we require an upfront payment before work begins and we do not guarantee effectiveness of the parts you supplied or any potential aftermath caused by the part you supply.

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